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Special Warranty Deed Services in Miami, Florida | The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A.

Special Warranty Deed

Professional Special Warranty Deed Services in Miami, Florida


In the landscape of property deeds, the Special Warranty Deed provides protection specifically for the period during which the seller owned the property. In Miami, Florida, The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A. specializes in the preparation and execution of Special Warranty Deeds, ensuring that both buyers and sellers understand their rights and responsibilities, securing their transactions effectively.

Understanding Special Warranty Deeds

A Special Warranty Deed guarantees that the seller has not faced any title problems during their ownership but does not cover any potential title issues prior to their ownership. This deed is commonly chosen for commercial real estate transactions and situations where the seller prefers to limit their liability regarding previous owners.

Services Offered by The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A.

Our firm provides a comprehensive array of services related to Special Warranty Deeds:

  • Deed Preparation and Review: Drafting and meticulously reviewing Special Warranty Deeds to ensure legal accuracy and clarity.
  • Title Search and Examination: Performing title searches and examinations to detect any issues arising during the seller's period of ownership.
  • Filing and Recording: Handling the precise filing and recording of the deed to ensure it is legally recognized and enforceable.
  • Legal Counseling: Advising clients on the implications of a Special Warranty Deed and its differences from other types of deeds.

The Importance of Legal Knowledge

Understanding the nuances of a Special Warranty Deed requires sophisticated legal knowledge to manage associated risks effectively. Our firm offers:

  • Specialized Knowledge: Our extensive experience in dealing with Special Warranty Deeds ensures that you receive knowledgeable guidance.
  • Detailed Due Diligence: We conduct thorough due diligence to uncover any potential issues that could affect your transaction.
  • Customized Client Service: We customize our services to meet the specific needs of each client, offering personalized advice throughout the process.

Navigating Complexities with Special Warranty Deeds

While Special Warranty Deeds provide specific protections, they are well-suited for many scenarios but must be handled with care to avoid future disputes and ensure all parties understand the guarantees provided.


For participants in real estate transactions in Miami, grasping the unique features and appropriate application of Special Warranty Deeds is vital. The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A. is prepared to assist you with professional legal services to ensure that your property transactions are secure and your interests are well-protected.

If you require assistance with a Special Warranty Deed or have questions about property transactions, contact The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A. today. We are dedicated to providing high-quality legal support for your real estate needs.

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