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What is a Corporation?

In the business world, understanding the structure and function of a corporation is crucial for entrepreneurs, investors, and legal professionals. A corporation is more than just a business entity; it's a legal construct that offers both opportunities and responsibilities. At The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A., we provide expert guidance to help you navigate the complexities of corporate law in Miami, ensuring your business operates within legal boundaries while maximizing its potential.

Definition and Characteristics of a Corporation

Definition: A corporation is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from its owners, known as shareholders. It is recognized by law as having its own rights, privileges, and liabilities, independent of those of its members.


Limited Liability: One of the primary advantages of a corporation is limited liability protection. Shareholders are not personally liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation, protecting their personal assets from business liabilities.

Perpetuity: A corporation has a perpetual existence. It does not cease to exist if the owner dies or sells their shares; it can continue indefinitely until it is legally dissolved.

Transferability of Shares: Shares of a corporation can be easily transferred from one individual to another, facilitating investment and ownership changes without affecting the corporation's operations.

Centralized Management: Corporations are managed by a board of directors, elected by the shareholders. The board oversees the major policies and decisions, while day-to-day operations are managed by officers appointed by the board.

Types of Corporations

C Corporation: The standard corporation, known as a C corporation, is taxed as a separate entity under U.S. federal income tax laws. It faces what is often referred to as "double taxation" since profits are taxed at the corporate level and again at the individual level when dividends are paid to shareholders.

S Corporation: An S corporation is designed for smaller businesses that want to benefit from incorporation while being taxed as a pass-through entity, similar to a partnership or sole proprietorship. Profits and losses pass through to the shareholders' personal tax returns, avoiding double taxation.

Nonprofit Corporation: Nonprofit corporations are formed for charitable, educational, religious, scientific, or literary purposes and are eligible for tax-exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Profits are not distributed to members or directors but are used to further the nonprofit's mission.

Legal Considerations in Forming and Operating a Corporation

Formation: Forming a corporation involves several legal steps, including filing the Articles of Incorporation with the state, creating bylaws, appointing a board of directors, and issuing stock to the initial shareholders. Each of these steps requires careful legal consideration to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

Regulatory Compliance: Corporations are subject to numerous regulations, including securities laws, employment laws, and environmental laws. Compliance with these regulations is critical to avoid legal penalties and maintain the corporation's good standing.

Corporate Governance: Effective corporate governance is essential for ensuring that a corporation runs smoothly and ethically. This includes holding regular board meetings, maintaining detailed records, and making informed decisions that align with the corporation's objectives and legal requirements.

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At The Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A., we specialize in corporate law and have extensive experience assisting clients with every aspect of forming, managing, and evolving their corporations. Whether you are looking to establish a new corporation or need assistance with complex corporate litigation, our team is equipped to provide the guidance and representation you need.

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