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The Little Lighthouse Foundation | Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A.

The Little Lighthouse Foundation: A Beacon of Community Support in South Florida

Supported by the Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A.

Founded in 2010, The Little Lighthouse Foundation (LLF) has become a cornerstone of support for underserved children and families throughout South Florida. With a wide array of programs designed to enhance the wellbeing of the community, LLF stands out for its commitment to positive impact and volunteerism. Central to LLF's success is Aaron Resnick, a founding member whose ongoing involvement has been crucial in shaping the foundation's operations and outreach. His leadership is further extended by the support from the Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A., which plays a vital role in facilitating the foundation's legal and strategic initiatives.

Origins and Mission of LLF

LLF was established when its founders recognized the need for a locally based organization that could more effectively serve South Florida's unique community needs. Aaron Resnick, alongside his colleagues, launched LLF to provide structured support through comprehensive programming and volunteer mobilization. The foundation's mission is to assist children and their families by providing services that go beyond basic needs, aiming to bring smiles and positive experiences to those in challenging situations.

Aaron Resnick's Role and Contributions

Aaron Resnick has played a pivotal role in LLF from its inception. His expertise in legal matters and nonprofit governance has ensured that LLF operates within legal frameworks while maximizing its community impact. Beyond governance, Aaron has been instrumental in fundraising initiatives and strategic planning, helping LLF to expand its reach and develop new programs that address the evolving needs of the community. His dedication is mirrored by the commitment of the Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A., providing unwavering support to the foundation's goals.

Impactful Programs and Initiatives

LLF operates numerous proprietary programs across various partner facilities, including homeless shelters, hospitals, and youth centers. These programs, such as Adopt-a-Meal, Craft Night, and Fit Club, are tailored to provide regular support and special assistance during key times of the year through specialty programs like Back to School and Holiday Toy Distribution. Each initiative is designed to foster environments where children can thrive and receive support in their personal development.

One of the highlight events supported by LLF and the Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A. is the Hearts and Stars Gala, an annual fundraising event that plays a crucial role in funding the foundation's operations and programs. This gala not only raises funds but also awareness, bringing together community leaders and philanthropists in support of LLF's mission.

Expanding Community Reach

With the vision and leadership of Aaron Resnick and the LLF team, the foundation aims to continuously grow its volunteer base and program offerings. LLF's initiatives are geared towards creating accessible volunteer opportunities that encourage community members to engage in meaningful service, directly impacting the lives of participants and fostering a culture of generosity and support.


The Little Lighthouse Foundation's enduring dedication to South Florida's community highlights the powerful impact of committed individuals and well-structured support systems. Aaron Resnick's contributions have been vital in establishing LLF as a leader in community service and volunteerism. To learn more about LLF's programs or to get involved, visit or contact their office. Join us in our mission to make a lasting difference.

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