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Can I lose my Job if I file Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a very complicated process and a very difficult decision form most people to have to make. For these reasons, you should always hire lawyers for bankruptcy and never attempt to file on your own. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine which Chapter of bankruptcy is in your best interest for your unique situation. If you live in Miami, hire local Miami bankruptcy lawyers who know the laws in Florida and is most qualified to assist you.

Filing for bankruptcy is a very stressful situation to find yourself in. You may be worried about losing assets such as your family home or your car. Bankruptcy can affect your tax returns and ruin your credit for several years. You may be worried about your marriage or losing family heirlooms through liquidation bankruptcy. You are not alone in worrying about how your family will move on from a bankruptcy. However if you are worried about losing job, here is some information to set you mind at ease.

Filing bankruptcy does not make you a criminal. You will go to court for bankruptcy, but it is not a criminal court. The hearing you will probably attend will include setting up repayment plans if you are filing for a restructuring bankruptcy and is one of the final steps in a liquidation bankruptcy. If you are currently employed, you are protected from being fired by bankruptcy laws. You cannot lose your current employment by filing for Chapter 7 liquidation or Chapter 13 restructuring bankruptcy. In fact, unless your employer is one of your creditors it is unlikely that your employer will know you filed for bankruptcy unless you tell them. However, it is possible that you will have difficulties finding new employment after bankruptcy. There are a few different factors that will affect your ability to get a job after bankruptcy.

During tough economic times with high unemployment rates employers have the luxury of being picky about who they hire. With so many unemployed people looking for work, they get to be a little choosey about who they hire. Many today will run background checks and do a credit check. If you work in a field where you have access to large amounts of money or sensitive information that could be sold, you may find it difficult to get hired with a bankruptcy on your credit. Bankruptcy laws do not ban prospective employers from not hiring a person with bad credit or a bankruptcy. Federal laws do protect governmental agencies from discriminating against people who have filed for bankruptcy. Which means you will not be affected by bankruptcy if you apply to work for the state or the government.

As time passes and you establish a positive credit history the fact that you filed for bankruptcy will matter less and less. In most fields, the affect bankruptcy will have on your ability to get a new job will diminish after few years.

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