Why I Need a Miami Lawyer

If you placed a pre-construction deposit on a condo in Miami and believe that you have been taken advantage of in any way, it is possible to terminate your contract and retrieve your deposit. There are many instances that may allow you to do so. They include companies who have violated the Florida Condominium Act, failed to complete construction of the condo on time, committed fraud , failed to close the agreement in a timely manner, made significant changes to the condo or promised amenities , used contracts do not contain required protection disclosures used contracts or offer documents that were later rejected by the state regulatory agency, made false or misleading statements at the time of the contract signing, disregarded or even just overlooked certain purchaser protection laws, completely failed to construct promised amenities, or improperly used escrow deposits. If you believe that the company is in breach of contract, or has not abided by Florida laws and statues, contact a lawyer regarding condominium deposit recovery.

If the builder never builds the condominium or if the proposed plans are nothing like the actual units that were built, do not think that walking away from your deposit is your only option. When you placed a deposit on the condominium, you also signed a contract. A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two parties. If the condominium company did not hold up their end of the contractual agreement, you do have rights. You can legally pursue the company to retrieve part of all of your deposit, and and in many cases you can also claim interest the money earned while in escrow.

If you are not sure if the company is in breach or has not followed Florida law, contact a Miami commercial litigation company for a consultation. Many Condominium deposit retrieval lawyers will offer a free consultation to determine if you have a case. Most law firms in this field will only charge you if they are successful in getting you your deposit back. If the contract you entered was not up held, you have a legal right to demand your money back. You also have the right to own a home without having to fight with a builder over agreements that were put into writing. Large companies are only looking out for their bottom line. If you thought you were purchasing your dream home, but it has now turned into a nightmare, contact a Miami condominium deposit retrieval lawyer to see if you have a case.

Companies that build large properties such as condominium buildings are usually large with deep pockets and are well represented with expensive attorneys. You can be sure that any issue you have will not be handled without the involvement of their attorneys. For this reason it is in your best interests to hire a Miami condominium deposit recovery law firm who will protect your rights and your investment.