Tax Law

Tax law is a term that is used when speaking of taxation in nearly all forms such as Income taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, property taxes and much more. Miami Florida has some of the highest tax rates in the country and with that said, the laws governing taxation in Miami Florida can be daunting. A qualified attorney in Miami Florida can help you understand how these laws will affect you and defend you and your property should you ever need defense when it comes to your tax issues.

Every year we file income taxes and every year someone gets audited. When we find that we owe more than we can pay, an experienced attorney in Miami can assure that we take care of this issue with minimum damages as possible. The extent of the law will be provided in this most stressful time and with that said, they can also provide advice.

Obtaining the legal advice of an attorney in Miami will assure that you are following all the laws that govern taxation. If it is back taxes, guarding your assets or anything in between, the advice of an attorney that is experienced in tax law can prove to be a valuable investment in your future. The consultation, even if for educational purposes alone will prove to be trip well made.

Examples of Taxation –

  • Property Taxes – Taxes that are imposed when you own your home or any piece of real estate, including but not limited to commercial and residential properties.
  • Income Taxes – Taxes that are imposed when you receive an income of any sort. All income is to be reported to the IRS when filing your income taxes at the end of the year, including but not limited to, stocks, employment, tips and the like.

Understanding your rights when it comes to tax law is imperative to keep your financial future in check and here in Miami, it is even more important as the taxes and tax law are strictly enforced. Consult with an experienced attorney to find out the rules and regulations surrounding taxes and tax law if you are unsure about anything. It will save you time, money, stress and even possible jail time in the future.