Renters Rights

The state of Florida has a clearly defined set of rights and responsibilities for tenants of rental properties. In many cases tenants in a rental property are not aware of their rights and are easily taken advantage of without even knowing it. Having a landlord pressuring you for rent collections on time and strict adherence to the terms of the lease can be intimidating to many tenants and in turn tenants will not even speak up for the rights entitled to them under the Florida statues. For many people even violating stipulations in their lease in the smallest form can make a tenant fearful of the landlord’s rights and retributions and therefore the tenant will not take a chance on losing their home by stirring up outstanding issues relating to the conditions of the rental property.

In reality tenants are well protected by Florida statutes and should not be fearful of retribution from landlords. When a landlord fails to maintain a rental property in a safe and acceptable manner or attempts to evict a tenant without giving proper notification and protection of personal property the landlord can be liable for violation of Florida rental law. Tenants that sign a written lease are afforded protections to ensure that the landlord cannot increase rental amounts during the term of the lease or incorporate unconscionable clauses within the lease. Tenants and landlords are expected to act in good faith when creating and executing a lease agreement.

Florida statutes state that a tenant has the right to address the landlord in writing and file a grievance within the court system. Having a landlord /tenant lawyer to advise you of your rights as a tenant and file any necessary paperwork against the landlord as well as representing you in court depending on the severity of the alleged infractions. The most important thing is for a tenant to know the rights that they are guaranteed under Florida law and knowing they can have an educated and experienced landlord/tenant attorney on their side to speak on their behalf. If you believe that your rights are being violated you can research Florida tenant rights online to help determine if you are in need of legal assistance. After researching your rights and responsibilities as a tenant you should consult a Florida Tenant/Landlord lawyer to ensure that you receive the most effective guidance and representation to fight for your rights.