NCAA, Div. II school sued over sickle cell death

The parents of a Slippery Rock (Pa.) University basketball player who died two years ago after collapsing during an intense practice have sued the school and the NCAA, saying their son wasn’t screened for the sickle cell trait that contributed to his death and school officials didn’t do enough to help him.

The lawsuit was filed by Jack and Cheryl Hill of Roselle, N.J., in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court. Their 21-year-old son, Jack Jr., died Sept. 10, 2011, shortly after midnight.

The lawsuit contends the NCAA began screening Division I players for sickle cell in 2010 but didn’t require that of Division II player until 2012. Slippery Rock is a Division II school whose coach held a nighttime “insanity practice” as punishment for the entire team, according to the lawsuit.

This will be a very interesting lawsuit as to the responsibility of colleges to screen and check out the health of their athletes.

What is interesting (if true) is that Division III schools had to start screening players last month, according to the lawsuit.

We will be following this lawsuit closely.

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