Miami: Loan Modification Scams

House2.jpgWith the recent desperation to avoid foreclosure in Miami, it is no wonder that loan modification scams in Miami are becoming more popular than ever. In desperate times, a homeowner may be tempted by offers that are too good to be true; this is unfortunate as it usually ends with the resident losing his or her home. Here are a few tips you can use to avoid a loan modification scam in Miami.

How to Avoid Loan Modification Scams:

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is a timeless piece of advice that is ignored when someone becomes desperate. There is not a firm on earth that can promise or “guarantee” a loan modification, particularly when it comes to a reduction in principal.

2. If a firm or broker asks for money in advance, this is a huge tell that they are scammers. It is all but illegal for a firm to ask for money in advance when it comes to loan modifications in Miami.

3. If a firm of broker says that it is “attorney overseen”, you should ask to speak to the attorney. If they do not give you the information needed to speak with the attorney, it is a scam.

4. If a firm or broker cannot provide testimonials from previous clients whom have successfully received a modification in Miami (while this is not always the case), it may be a scam.

5. Research. When you see an ad for a mortgage modification in Miami, before you call them up, do a quick internet search on the company. This is always a good way to figure out if they are scammers or not. (Again, this is not always the case).

The best thing you can do when it comes to avoiding Mortgage modifications in Miami is to hire an attorney from the get-go. If you are unsure about the process, you can obtain a free loan modification consultation in Miami. A loan modification attorney in Miami can explain the process and the types of loan modifications that will be available to you. A loan modification lawyer in Miami will also be able to assist you throughout the entire process and give you a little extra peace of mind, because avoiding a mortgage modification scam in Miami can be a scary situation.