Historical Miami Motel gets auctioned in a Foreclosure

Miami Tree.jpgEric Silverman of Miami Florida had high hopes for the Vagabond Motel. After acquiring the Vagabond Inn in 2005, Silverman boasted many ideas to renew the charm of this once madly popular and Rat Pack hot spot. Many people wanted to see Silverman’s ideas put to work, but sadly this was not the case. Silverman planned a market of sorts and before he could complete his dream, he ran out of money to fund his renovations.

The Vagabond Motel was said to be frequented by the infamous members of the Rat Pack. Pictures were even taken of some of the members singing on the lounge stage. With the demise of Sinatra, so came the demise of the Vagabond. It has yet to return to its former glory though it has changed owners on several occasions.

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Vagabond Motel to be Auctioned off May 17, by Jared Goyette, April 19th 2011