Commercial Law News: Miami

Miami Tree.jpgCommercial law is a branch of law that deals with cases involving business transactions. This can cover a wide range of issues including hiring practices and the sale of products as well as copy-write and patent infringement. If you believe your product has been copied or someone stole an idea, you may have a case. Contact a Miami commercial lawyer to see what options you might have. While not every case will hold up in court, a consultation with a Miami commercial lawyer many mean recovering profits that you deserve. Consider this current case between Apple and Samsung regarding a patent infringement suit.

Samsug recently announced it has filed a patent infringement case against Apple in several countries. This case was filed just a week after Apple sued Samsung in California for violating intellectual property rights. Apple claimed that several Samsung smart phone products were nearly identical to Apple’s well known iPhone and iPad products that have been on the market for years. Apple claims that the feel and even the packaging of some of Samsung’s products make them look like the iPad and the iPhone. The legal sparring is not just between Apple and Samsung, it seems. Experts suspect that Apple is really after Google, who created the OPS for the Samsung phones. However, since Google does not actually make any money from the direct sale of the phones, Apple has instead chosen to pursue the companies who manufacture the product. While commercial lawyers battle in the courtrooms, it turns out that Apple and Samsung are still doing other business deals together. According to Samsung, Apple is actually their largest customer, often purchasing billions of dollars worth of components each year.

Now, Samsung is accusing Apple of infringing on several patents that are held by Samsung that covers a range of mobile communicating processes. These include technology that makes sending data easier, ways to reduce the amount of power required to send information, ways to reduce errors when sending information and a way to connect your smart phone to you computer. After a nearly 3% drop in stocks right after the suit was filed, it seems likely that Samsung will not pursue the case too much. If you believe your copy-write or patent has been copied, contact a Miami commercial lawyer to see if you have a case.


Samsung counter-sues Apple, by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, April 22, 2011