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Business Law and Lawyers Miami

Setting up a Business –

So you have an idea for the perfect business? There are many things you have to do to bring that dream into reality. First you have to look up the steps to starting a business in Miami Florida, there are different laws and procedures that must be followed based on state, city and federal levels. Are you going to be the sole proprietor? Are you going to go into business with someone? You must know these things before you can file for a business license. You do not need an attorney to do these things unless you simply want to get educated in the laws and get educated on how to stay within the laws of the state and the federal government to get a better idea of how much money and time you are going to devote to getting started and maintaining the legality of your business.

Contracts –

Writing up contracts may seem like a simple task, however if you have something at stake that can cause your company lots of money or affect you companies image, you will most definitely need a qualified Miami attorney that is well versed in business law to help you with these contracts. If there is a breach of contract, you may find yourself in court and you may lose both your reputation and possibly your business because your contract was not well written. When it comes to things like mergers and accounting, mistakes are detrimental in the successful future of your business and your life.

The other thing to think about is the legal terms that are used when writing up contracts. Not many people know and understand legal jargon. Unless you took a multitude of classes on business law, you could be putting your company at risk by writing business contracts yourself. An experienced Miami business law attorney can assure that your contract is air tight and holds up if you need to go to court over a breach of contract.

Commercial Litigation –

The same lawyer that you employee to help with contracts will also be experienced when it come to matters of commercial litigation. Commercial litigation is needed for many reasons.

  • Breaches of Contract – When a breach of contract occurs, you will need a qualified Miami attorney to defend your end of the dispute.
  • Partnership disputes – Assuming your business is a partnership, you may find that you and your partner do not see eye to eye on everything. If this becomes the case, you will need a qualified attorney in Miami to look out for your best interests as well as the best interests for your company.
  • Debt Collection – If you are seeking to collect the debts owed or are seeking to get out from under debts that may be affecting your business and the ability to run your business successfully, you will benefit from the knowledge of an experienced business law attorney. Debts can make or break a business and an attorney can make sure that you are doing everything you can to collect or get out from under any debts you may have.

Business Dissolution –

Business dissolution occurs for many reasons, from loss in customer base to poor handling of the financials. In either case many things have to be done to make sure that the dissolution of your business is done properly. Many federal forms will need to be filled out correctly and all taxes will need to be paid. You may find that you will have employee issues that need to be cleared up and when this happens, having a great lawyer in you corner is essential.

Employee Disputes –

Employee disputes can come in many forms as well. Sexual harassment and discrimination common examples as to why it pays in the long run to have an experienced business lawyer in Miami Florida on retainer or at least in your corner. While you may have the best intentions and follow the laws and morals of a well educated business owner, that does not mean all of your employees will and like it or not, your business is responsible for the behavior of your employees.

Sexual harassment and discrimination can essentially ruin your business and your financial future, so planning in advance for these issues even if you have the best intentions is imperative.

Employment Laws –

There are many state and federal laws that need to be recognized when running a business, particularly if you have employees. The minimum state wages, the maximum hours that an employee can work, work conditions and much more are very important things to think about. In many cases new business owners do not know all the “ins and outs” of laws that are there to protect employees. If you do not follow these laws carefully, you could find yourself in an insurmountable amount of legal problems.

Taxes –

Taxes, yes taxes. Taxes are a very complicated and annoying feature to owning a business. The laws, both state and federal on taxes can be intricate and stressful. You have to pay taxes on everything. Your money and the money your business makes. You will also have to make sure that you file the proper paperwork for your employees so that they can pay the correct amount of taxes. This is perhaps the most important aspect to know when it comes to running your very own successful business as failure to comply with these laws can not only result in paying back taxes or penalties, but also jail time. Taxes can also be discussed with your experienced Miami business law attorney. When you go in for your first consultation, they can help you outline the tax laws that you will have to follow throughout the life of your company.

Conclusion –

Having an experienced and qualified attorney is crucial when it comes to starting, running or going out of business. There are so many repercussions that can occur when you go into running a business blindly and if nothing else, seeking council of a business law attorney in Miami can help educate you. In worst case scenarios, they can help when you need them for more serious things like legal matters that can be costly for both you and your company. If you sought legal advice from the very beginning your attorney will know your situation better and be better equipped to fight for both you and your company.

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